A few essays on communism

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Does Capitalism Work?

Lets unpack the idea that “Capitalism works”. In the US, the most developed Capitalist country, the richest country in the history of the world:

Capitalist hegemony has short-circuited people into buying wildly illogical and ridiculous propaganda like: “Lift yourselves up by the bootstraps” (which shows the almost religious power of capitalist propaganda, that the impossible can become possible), or “Communism doesn’t work”, when in fact Communism did work extremely well.

Examples from this post by /u/bayarea415, Stephen Gowans - Do publicly owned, planned economies work, Ian Goodrum - Socialism vs Capitalism and quality of life, and yogthos’s USSR acheivements post about the USSR specifically:

When it is claimed that a system works, we should ask, who it works for. Capitalism benefits a tiny number of rapacious capitalists, to the detriment of the rest of us, while Socialism works for the masses.

Now let’s take a look at what happens after the USSR collapsed, and what came with capitalist privatization:

For an overview of the soviet experiment, watch this brilliant talk by Micheal Parenti, or read his article, Left anticommunism, the unkindest cut.

Also read this great article by Stephen Gowans, Do publicly owned, planned economies work?. Audio on youtube

Bonus vid about cyber-communism: Paul Cockshott - Going beyond money.

More sources: Socialism Crash Course, Socialism FAQ, Glossary.